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Our dedicated Elite Managers ensure your company name is protected online, and take care of your account management tasks – daily, weekly, monthly, annually and on demand.

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As an Internic client, you have access to a dedicated account director for all of your needs. Specialized billing, packages, rewards, account reviews, updates and check-ins are just some of the services we offer. Your dedicated account director is always available to ensure your success online.

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Transfer Pricing

All transfers include a one year extension to the term of your domain.

  • .ca - $12.95/year
  • .com - $14.95/year
  • .net - $14.95/year
  • .biz - $14.95/year
  • .org - $14.95/year
  • .info - $14.95/year
  • .name - $12.00/year
  • .us - $14.95/year
  • .co - $32.95/year
  • .xyz - $17.75/year
  • .club - $20.00/year
  • .guru - $35.00/year
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